We Have a Winner!

Written by Joshua Minnie on . 4 Comments

Julie Sannes picks up the tickets and meet and greet passes to the Two Friends concert.  When we met Julie, she told us for many years her and her Dad would go to Michael W. Smith concerts together.  This year, being away from home and in college, she wanted to buy tickets to the show as a Christmas present for her Dad.  Unfortunately, Dad has a schedule conflict and won’t be able to make it.  While Julie will not be able to take Dad to the show, she will be able to go backstage and meet both Michael & Amy.  Bet Dad is REALLY wishing he could see the show with Julie now, but he’ll be a proud father after watching what Julie went through to secure those tickets.  

So what did Julie do for the tickets?  Well, she put on a little show of her own by doing this video version of the morning show’s Carpool Crazy!