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Today was an awesome day.  On The Chris & Emilee Show, JQ listeners helped “Bible Brie” raise more than $2,000 to give Bibles to every student in her school.  Brie is a sophmore at Zeeland East High School and founder of Students Saving Students. 

On the show today, Brie shared how after the untimely death of a friend, she wanted to make sure the students she passed in the halls each day had the opportunity to read the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  After studying in her civics class how it is perfectly appropriate and legal to hand out Bibles in her school, she asked herself how she could do that.  Then while listening to JQ, she heard how our founding fathers envisioned a country where Christianity impacted every aspect of life including government and education.  She realized this was something God was calling her to do.  And if she could do it at Zeeland East, why not at the West campus as well.  And if it is success full in Zeeland, why not other communities?

(Listen to Brie tell it in her own words in the April 20 podcast to the right.)

So after months of research and miles of leg work, Brie founded Students Saving Students.  A student let movement who’s purpose is to bring the life saving Word of God to other students.  Go to the website  to find out how you can help or get help in starting this same thing in your school. 

AND THANK YOU TO ALL THE JQ99 LISTENERS WHO SUPPORTED BRIE TODAY!  We’ll will be following up with Brie to see the final distribution of these Bibles.