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Married for 30 years, Chris and Emilee are not your “average” husband and wife.  Raising and homeschooling four children to adulthood while at the same time managing careers and ministry has lead to a pretty interesting take on life, family, and Christian radio.
Chris started his career in media at an early age doing TV commercials at the age of 14 and a radio gig at the age of 16.  Over the years he rose to the ranks of General Manager but his passion for radio was truly rooted in sports.  Chris hosted his own call in sports talk show and has done play by play for hundreds of football, basketball, and hockey games.
So what does he do for fun?  Well, he has fun.  Hang around Chris for a short time and his inner stand up comedian comes out.  You don’t have to ask him twice to step up on stage for some comedy or improv.  But, what Chris does best is tie all of his abilities together for the benefit of others, and the kingdom.  Chris attended seminary and has found that all talents that God gives have a place in ministry. Including the gift of family.
Emilee draws from her experience as a wife and mother as well as the workplace to become an established and dynamic conference speaker.  She worked for many years in customer service as well as for the State of MN and a law firm, but has never forgot the valuable life lessons she learned as a child growing up on the farm.  She has the unique ability to connect with people of all ages and from all walks of life.
As Chris and Emilee grew in their walk together with Christ, they eventually were called to the mission field.  Once again they saw how God has specifically prepared them for as they headed to rural Western Alaska to manage a Christian radio station on the Bristol Bay, sharing the Gospel of Christ to the Native Americans and vistors from around the globe.
From Minnesota, to Germany, Alaska, Arizona, and finally, Lord willing the last stop, West Michigan.  The Danielson’s have covered a lot of territory and they want you to be with them on the journey by tuning in each morning to the Chris & Emilee Show.